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  • BBQ Bacon Meatbombs Recipe

    BBQ Bacon Meatbombs Recipe is perfect for camping or tailgating.
  • Grilled Lobster on Charcoal Grill Recipe

    There is nothing sumptuous for dinner than grilled lobster. Preparing a whole live lobster is a daunting task, but this recipe will get you grilling in no time.
  • Game Day Loaded Nacho Fries Recipe

    Taking nachos and fries and combining them into one massively delicious appetizer is possibly the best idea ever! 
  • BBQ Lasagna Stuffed Peppers Recipe

    Delicious sweet bell peppers, layered with tender pasta, copious amounts of cheese, sauce, and meat.
  • BBQ Chicken Stuffed Potatoes Recipe

    Imagine a tender, smoky and fire-roasted potato stuffed to the brim with delicious and saucy chicken then topped with crisp bacon, gooey cheese, sour cream and fresh chives.
  • Smoked French Onion Soup on the Grill

    Smoked French Onion Soup on the Grill is a traditional and hearty soup made with beef marrow bones that have been smoked and roasted, then turned into a delicious bone broth. The broth is then added to a load of caramelized onions and turned into a soup.
  • Smokey Napoleon Cocktail

    Did you know that you can make delicious drinks and lush libations using your barbecue? Enjoy this cocktail with a delightful steak or an after-dinner delight.
  • Grilled Crown Roast of Pork Recipe

    Celebrate National BBQ Month by making a Grilled Crown Roast of PorkWhile this meal may look fancy, it’s actually as easy to make.
  • Grilled Lobster Tails Basted with Herbed Butter Recipe

    This recipe comes together in under 40 minutes and is the perfect dinner to make for a special occasion.
  • Asian Rotisserie Ribs Recipe

    Sticky, slightly sweet, and definitely delicious, this recipe for quick Asian Style ribs may just become your family favorite on rib night. 
  • Plank Baked Apple Crisp Recipe on the Grill

    Barbecues aren’t just for dinner. Try this recipe for Plank Baked Apple Crisp, the perfect dessert to toss on the grill.
  • Indigo Pool Patio BBQ inducted into the AQUA 100

    Indigo Pool Patio BBQ has been inducted into the AQUA 100, an exclusive honor bestowed to just 10 North American pool and spa retailers each year....