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Make a splash in Venice, FL with Indigo Pool Patio BBQ, your one-stop shop for all things pool supplies! Whether you're keeping your pool sparkling with the perfect chemicals, upgrading your equipment with top-notch pool heaters, filters, and pumps, or adding a touch of luxury with comfy ledge loungers, we have everything you need. We even offer expert pool water testing and replacement parts to ensure your oasis stays crystal clear and functional all season long.

So, ditch the stress and dive into endless poolside fun with Indigo Pool Patio BBQ!

Pool Chemicals

Lowest Prices on Salt & Chlorine in the Area!

A well-balanced pool is necessary to ensure its health and longevity. This involves chemicals such as algaecides, clarifiers, sanitizers and shock that can be used to enhance a pools water quality. We carry name brands such as TropiClear, Natural Chemistry, Jacks Magic and United Chemical.

Pool Equipment

We have everything you need to get your pool ready for action: automatic pool cleaners, pool filters, pool heaters, pool pumps, salt chlorine generators, automation systems and more. Ask us about potential rebates and extended warranties offered by Pentair and how you can take advantage of those programs.

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