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With the right design creativity, and today’s new features, the possibilities for customizing your special swimming pool project are limitless. No water feature project is ever the same as the last and everyone is custom built to suit the swimming pool, the available space and of course the clients desire to turn their swimming pool into their own personal backyard oasis.

At Indigo Pool Patio BBQ, we provide custom swimming pools, spas and water features to residents in Sarasota, Venice, North Port & Englewood Florida. Take a look at the many custom water features that could be part of your swimming pool project.

If you already have a swimming pool and would like to upgrade it with a water feature or spa, check out our renovations and remodels or custom spas pages.

Waterfall Scuppers for Swimming Pools - Indigo Pool Patio BBQ


Water scuppers are a slot or spout that is attached to a wall or pedestal.

Arc Rainfalls - Waterfall Indigo Pool Patio BBQ Venice FL


Rain Waterfalls provide streams of water that project up at 45 degrees and then naturally arcs and descends to the pool surface.

Sheer Descent Waterfall for Swimming Pools - Indigo Pool Patio BBQ - Venice FL


Appearing like a thin sheet of glass, this type of waterfall forms an arc as it flows away from the pool wall. The sheer waterfalls can range from half a foot to several feet wide.

Water Bowl Waterfall for swimming pool available at Indigo Pool Patio BBQ


Add an elegant sound of flowing water to your pool with a stronger and more durable water bowl. Many finishes and colors to choose from that will  match your hardscape area.

Spillover Spa Swimming Pool Hot Tub - Indigo Pool Patio BBQ


Add elegance to your swimming pool with a spillover spa. Connects directly to your pool through a small curtain or fountain of water. The water moves directly from the spa into the swimming pool, spilling over a ledge.

Swimming Pool Water Deck Jet - Indigo Pool Patio BBQ


Create a dazzling water show in your own backyard. Deck Jets add fun and excitement to your swimming pool and spa experience. Deck Jets form shimmering arcs of water from a deck or patio into a pool or spa.

Lighted Swimming Pool Bubbler Features - Indigo Pool Patio BBQ Sarasota FL


The perfect way to showcase and enhance swimming pool features like sun shelves, steps, beach entries and other poolscape elements.

Telescopic Swimming Pool Bubblers - Indigo Pool Patio BBQ


This telescoping water feature rises when activated and then drops down flush with the pool surface when it's time to swim or play.

Water & Fire Bowl for Swimming Pools - Indigo Pool Patio BBQ


Adding a water and fire feature to your outdoor living area can turn an ordinary space into something exceptional.