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Grill Grates

Universal 15" GrillGrate Flavor Zone

Universal 15" GrillGrate Flavor Zone

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Upgrade your grill with grates that last for life and become a better, more confident griller. Trusted for years by steak cookoff and BBQ champions, the original patented GrillGrates are an improved grilling surface that delivers the best, juiciest food of your life. Made of hard anodized aluminum, GrillGrates are nonstick and last forever. Flip the Flavor Zone over for an instant griddle, or keep it rails up for picture-perfect sear marks. You'll get reduced flare-ups (no more charring or flames!), even heating, and flavorful food that sizzles in its juices.

Universal 15" GrillGrate Flavor Zone Highlights
  • GrillGrates are super heat-conductive and nonstick
  • Designed to sit on top of the factory grates on your grill- just pop it right on top of your grill surface and start cooking!
  • Hard-anodized aluminum never rusts and lasts forever
  • Set includes (1) 15 in. interlocking GrillGrate Panel (feel free to purchase multiple!) for dimensions of 15 in. deep by 9.25 in. wide to fit on top of nearly any grill
  • 90-day warranty
  • Patented GrillGrate design features a bottom plate to block flare-ups, raised rails for perfect sear marks, valleys that vaporize juices back into the food, and holes that allow for even airflow and heat distribution
  • Comes with the user guide
  • On pellet grills that have a smokestack, place the GrillGrates on the stack side
  • Care instructions: GrillGrates are as low maintenance as it gets clean the rails with a brush as they heat up. Do NOT put in dishwasher or heat at over 850°

Size = 9.25" wide x 15" deep
Will fir on nearly any gas, pellet or charcoal grill!

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