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Rhineland Carving Set in Wooden Box

Rhineland Carving Set in Wooden Box

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Rhineland Carving Set in Wooden Box includes a 9-inch carving knife and a carving fork with long and sharp twin tines. Customers receive the set in an immaculate packaging of either a wooden gift box or a paper gift box.

The carving knife has the Rhineland signature dark brown Pakkawood handle with a beautiful pattern on the surface, which is held in place on the knifes' body using a rivet-less attachment. The handle is also ergonomically shaped to provide a firm and non-slip grip. A steel cap located at the tip of the handle locks out moisture from reaching the interior of the handle, thus protecting the interior of the knife from staining and corrosion. A wide rounded bolster, which is located in between the blade and handle, comes highly polished to give the knife a beautiful finish. The bolster also works to balance the weight of the knife.

Made of strong German steel, the blade on the carving knife is corrosion and scratch resistant. The 9-inch blade is slender to make the knife lightweight and easy to use with minimal effort required to cut through raw and cooked steaks. The straight cutting edge on the blade comes razor sharp right out of packaging and can easily be sharpened on a high grit sharpening stone when the need arises.

The carving fork has long tines that enable users to handle hot and juicy steaks easily when plating. The fork features the same signature Pakkawood ergonomic handle as the carving knife. Like the knife's blade, the tines are also carved out of German Steel metal that enables them to withstand high temperatures and resist staining.

The exquisite packaging that the knives are sold in doubles as storage for the carving knife and carving fork. Optional blade engraving is also provided for the carving knife on the blade or handle upon request. Both items in this set should only be cleaned by hand in the sink or under running water. Best practices in knife care also require owners not to submerge any handle in water for too long.

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