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Grill Grates

GrillGrate for Pizza & Indoor Ovens

GrillGrate for Pizza & Indoor Ovens

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The GrillGrate for Pizza & Indoor Ovens is a two-piece system that allows you to use your pizza oven (or your regular oven!) to get the perfect sear and juiciest food with no mess. The set consists of a 9.25” by 9.375” patented hard anodized aluminum GrillGrate and a 10” by 10” hard anodized aluminum baking pan. Simply set the GrillGrate into the pan, preheat your pizza stone for 5-10 minutes, and get cooking.

Benefits of the GrillGrate for Pizza & Indoor Ovens:

  • Grill and sear right in your pizza oven
  • Works great in any oven too
  • Reduced flare-ups – no more fiery messes!
  • Steakhouse quality sear marks
  • Keeps your pizza stone clean and free from damage
  • Hard anodized aluminum is nonstick and lasts forever
  • Remove the GrillGrate and use the pan for Deep-Dish Pizza
Use it rails up for picture-perfect sear marks, or flip the grate over and use the flat side for smash burgers, eggs, and more.

The pan and GrillGrate are both made of hard anodized aluminum, designed to handle the high-heat temperature of your pizza oven.

Preheat pizza stone for 5 – 10 minutes prior to placing pizza oven grate inside the oven. Check your temperature with a laser thermometer. GrillGrate surface will read 500-600 degrees within 10 minutes of preheating. Remove both the GrillGrate and the Pan after preheating, and place your food on top of the hot rails before returning the Grate/Pan to your oven.

Note: Both pan and grate can potentially warp at temperatures above 900 degrees.
Caution: Always use GrillGrate gloves or a gripping tool when handling a hot grate or pan.

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