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Pentair IC40 IntelliChlor Replacement Salt Cell

Pentair IC40 IntelliChlor Replacement Salt Cell

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Pentair IC40 IntelliChlor Replacement Salt Cell automatically generates pure chlorine from saltwater that passes through the plates inside the cell. The IntelliChlor IC40 Salt Cell has the same amount of chlorine sanitizing capability with none of the drawbacks when using traditional chlorine. Say goodbye to itchy irritated eyes, dry skin, and bleached clothing. When using a Pentair IntelliChlor Salt Cell, it converts your pool's water into a softer, much more luxurious feel, letting you swim more comfortably without the harshness of the chemicals affecting your body.

Pentair's Engineering
When it comes to durability and reliability, the IntelliChlor IC40 Chlorine Generator Cell is simply unmatched. Built with titanium blades coated with ruthenium oxide, Pentair's IC40 Salt Cell outlasts all other competitors in its class. With 2" union inlet and outlet connections the Pentair IC40 Replacement Salt Cell is ready for quick and easy installation into your existing Pentair IntelliChlor Chlorine Generator System. The Pentair IC40 is also compatible with Pentair automation systems to make your life easier as a pool owner.

IntelliChlor's Simplicity
The Pentair IC40 Replacement Salt Cell provides the consumer service technician level knowledge. The Pentair IntelliChlor Salt Cell features an easily readable display right on the cell itself for added convenience. The user-friendly functions found on the control display make monitoring chlorine output, water flow, salt levels and cell cleanliness an absolute breeze.

To help extend the cell life, you should inspect the salt cell at least every 3 months for calcium build up to get the most out of your IntelliChlor IC40. Always follow the manufacturer's instruction when cleaning the cell.

Never have to buy or store chlorine again. Enjoy your swim in softer, cleaner and clearer pool water with a Pentair IntelliChlor IC40 Chlorine Salt Cell.

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