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Outset Rechargeable USB Grill Lighter

Outset Rechargeable USB Grill Lighter

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Outset Rechargeable USB Grill Lighter has a flexible, durable, 4 inch long metal neck makes it easy and safe to light your grill, candle, fireplace and more. This arc lighter comes with a LED battery display and a safety lock to help prevent accidently lighting.

  • USB RECHARGABLE WITH A LED BATTERY DISPLAY: This USB rechargeable lighter makes it so you do not have to worry about buying more fuel or another lighter. Just give this electric lighter a charge whenever the LED battery display indicates it is low.
  • ARC TECHNOLOGY: No flame, odor, fuels, butane, or hassle. This Arc lighter allows you to efficiently light in windy conditions with none of the issues that come with traditional matches or lighters.
  • WITH BOTTLE OPENER AND SAFETY SWITCH: With a bottle opener on the end you can open your favorite bottles at the grill without having to search for your usual opener. Also this grill lighter comes with a safety switch to help prevent accidental ignitions when it is not in use.
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