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Outset Meat Hook

Outset Meat Hook

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Outset Meat Hook with rosewood handle turns heavy cuts of meat on the grill with just a flick of the wrist! Not only is rosewood beautiful and contemporary in appearance, it's also practical; rosewood has stain-resistant properties that keep it looking clean and fresh for the long haul. Rosewood also conducts heat very slowly, keeping your hand cool and reducing the risk of burns. With an extra-long handle, this meat hook is designed to keep hands a safe distance from heat, improving safety while maximizing efficiency. The handle has a gentle, curved shape for a comfortable and safe grip!

The durable stainless-steel hook is guaranteed to give you the longevity you need, as stainless steel is long-lasting and resists signs of aging. The hook is thick enough to lift heavy cuts of meat from the grill and it's tapered to a sharp point at the end that easily latches into steaks, tri-tips, and roasts. It features the perfect combination of stiffness and flexibility so you can hook larger grilled foods such as burgers and steaks while retaining the slight pliability you need for easy use. This also contributes to the excellent balance of this tool for a flawless performance in any kitchen.

This tool is perfect for restaurants, caterers, food trucks, and concession stands. The stainless-steel hook connects directly to the rosewood handle to reduce the risk of food particulates becoming stuck between parts or under rivets. Featuring a copper loop for hanging storage is beyond convenient. Durable and easy-to-clean, this meat hook will have you asking, "how did we ever do without it?"

Outset Meat Hook Overall Dimensions:
Length: 20"
Width: 3/4"
Depth: 1 3/4"
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