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Napoleon Rogue Series Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit

Napoleon Rogue Series Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit

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Napoleon Rogue Series Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit for Rogue 365, 425, or 525 grills provide a high quality grill accessory for your BBQ grill. The professional quality rotisserie kit allows for restaurant quality slow cooked meats for delicious roasted flavor. The heavy duty motor is rated to hold up to 10 pounds of food, while the counterbalance ensures a nonslip, smooth rotation to create a perfectly slow roasted meal. This rotisserie kit has been designed specifically for use with Napoleon Rogue grills.

  • Durable Design - Heavy duty commercial style rotisserie kit with (4) sets of forks
  • Powerful Motor - Heavy motor rated for up to 10 pounds of food

Whether you have a compact Rogue® 365, 425 or a large Rogue® 525 Series Model, this Stainless Steel, Heavy Duty, Multi-Piece Rotisserie Kit will fit your needs. Made with food grade stainless steel, the square spit rod features rod extensions to ensure that you can go the distance. The heavy-duty motor can turn up to 12 kilograms of a balanced load. The two four pronged forks will securely hold everything you could wish to spit roast and they tighten securely with easy to use thumb screws.

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