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Jealous Devil

Jealous Devil Maxxx XL Briquets - 20lb

Jealous Devil Maxxx XL Briquets - 20lb

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Bring your charcoal grill to life with these Jealous Devil Max premium hardwood charcoal briquets! Made of a premium blend of charcoal, these briquets deliver a traditional charcoal flavor that is perfect for restaurant and professional use. Jealous Devil's Max briquets are twice the size of typical briquets for maximum performance and an extremely long, hot burn every time. These 100% natural briquets are made with pure hardwood charcoal and a pinch of vegetable starch for outstanding flavor and high cooking temperatures without the unpleasant smoke or chemical odors of other brands. They also have a low ash production to reduce sparking and popping, giving you extra peace of mind!

This box of charcoal can be easily transported to multiple grills or locations using the convenient carrying handle. To light these briquets, simply arrange the them in a pyramid shape, follow your lighter fluid container's directions (lighter fluid sold separately), open all grill vents, and leave the grill uncovered. Light the pyramid of briquets in several places, and in approximately 10 minutes, or when the briquets are predominately ashed over, spread the briquets evenly. Wait just 5 more minutes and you're ready to start cooking!

  • 100% natural ingredients: pure quebracho hardwood & a pinch of vegetable starch
  • NO chemicals or toxic ingredients – borax, nitrates etc – 2x the size of typical briquets for maximum performance
  • Taste-enhancing aroma & flavor – incredibly long, hot burn
  • No acrid, unpleasant smoke or harsh chemical odor
  • Extremely low ash production
  • Won’t spark, pop, or snap
  • Waterproof, resealable packaging with side carry handle
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