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Jandy VersaTemp Heat & Cool Heatpump

Jandy VersaTemp Heat & Cool Heatpump


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Whether you enjoy warm and relaxing water or prefer it cool and refreshing, the Jandy VersaTemp Heat / Chill pump with SoundShield™ Technology regulates your pool and spa’s temperature for the utmost comfort while significantly reducing operational noise (compared to previous Jandy models). An energy-efficient and eco-friendly way of heating your pool when you want to raise the temperature, the VersaTemp draws heat from the air into your pool water. And for overly hot days when you want to cool off, it pulls heat from the pool. And, for the best of both worlds, it features dual thermostats so you can set the perfect temperature in your pool and spa. Intuitive and convenient to use, the VersaTemp regulator comes with an accessible LCD control panel to easily adjust the set point and allows for anytime, anywhere iAquaLink® app control using any AquaLink pool automation system so enjoying your pool is a pleasure… Not a process.


Why settle for just warm when you can have it any way you like… No matter what your preference, Jandy VersaTemp™ features innovative thermo control technology that can make your pool water the perfect temperature by either drawing heat from the air to warm the water or removing the heat from your pool to cool it down.


Not a fan of loud noises? Heat your pool and/or spa with significantly less noise. Specially designed SoundShield™ Technology consists of a swept-wing blade design that decreases turbulence and a decibel dampening acoustic blanket to help muffle compressor reverberation for even quieter operation because you should feel the heat, not hear the heat pump.


Use your pool or spa all year long (even when outside air temperatures are 45°F.) Engineered with heat reversing technology that activates when internal sensors detect ice formation that can form on the outside coil while transferring heat into your pool or spa, the VersaTemp will automatically redirect the heat to melt the ice — allowing it to seamlessly continue heating your pool water.


Bring on the heat with more BTU’s! The VersaTemp takes performance to the next level with increased heat output for more efficient and faster heating.


An easy-to-access digital LCD controller enables touch-button operation and displays self-diagnostic notifications written in wording that makes sense to you, in the language of your choice.


Keep it steady so you can swim whenever you want. When used in conjunction with any AquaLink® automation system, you can maintain your pool’s temperature automatically and efficiently 24 hours per day. Enjoy the convenience of on-the-go operation with the iAquaLink® app.


Have your pool heated and your spa too! Dual thermostats allow you to enjoy your pool/spa combo as you like with water that’s warm enough for you to swim in and a spa that’s perfectly heated for a relaxing soak.

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