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Pentair IntelliCenter Pool Control Systems

Pentair IntelliCenter Pool Control Systems


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IntelliCenter Pool Control System is the most versatile Pentair automation system, delivering better than ever technology you can trust. Easily expandable, this system is now powered by AWS® cloud technology for improved stability, connectivity, scheduling and reliable, centralized control for multiple pool devices, from water features to lights to pumps. This system makes pool life as easy as it should be.

  • Easy to program, with step-by-step, on screen instructions
  • Color touchscreen interface displays intuitive instructions in clear text and rich colors
  • Convenient control from inside and outside the home via outdoor and indoor control panels and wireless remotes
  • Remote control from anywhere: Android® and iOS® device, and web browsers on Mac® and PC computers
  • Interfaces with iOS®, Android® mobile devices, and Apple Watch®, enabling owners to check their pool status remotely



The IntelliCenter Pool Control System helps make pool life as easy as it should be. Control and monitor all your pool devices at your fingertips.



  • IntelliCenter2 app includes an improved user interface
  • Setting schedules is reliable and simple
  • Easy login access
  • Effortless control for pool and spa devices from anywhere, anytime
  • System automatically updates to keep system features current


  • Set and adjust schedules right from your mobile device
  • Easily adjust lights, pumps and other features, from anywhere, anytime
  • Take advantage of set-it-and-forget-it technology for more time enjoying your pool


Dealer can proactively monitor pool to keep equipment and devices running smoothly.



  • Step-by-step screens for quick setups
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen makes it easier than ever to set up, expand and update



  • Offers up to 5 relays, i5P or i5PS bundle options
  • Can work with existing breaker panel
  • Expandable to support additional relays and functionality when new products are added
  • Keeps optional devices connected and schedules intact with optimal connection
  • Suitable for new pool installations or existing pools
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