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Himalayan Salt Block

Himalayan Salt Block

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This Himalayan Salt Stone is a natural and incredible way to flavor your grilling experience. It's easy to use and along with making better tasting food, it also makes a great presentation. Once you get grilling with the Himalayan Salt Stone you won't be able to stop. Try everything from the basics like burgers and steak through the adventurous like scallops, carne asada and more! You'll love the varying levels of salt infusion you get from your stone.


  • Pink Himalayan Salt Stone Adds delicate flavor to foods
  • 8" x 8" surface and 1.5" Thick Stone Stores heat from the grill to continue cooking
  • Naturally anti-microbial
  • Simply scrape rinse and dab dry to clean

Enhances the flavor of grilled foods

Himalayan salt is considered to be the purest salt in the world, with a natural mineral content that enhances the flavor of foods. A Cuisinart Himalayan Salt Grilling Stone offers you the benefits of pure salt that hasn't been processed or treated with chemicals. Foods cooked on the stone will absorb the flavor of the salt in different ways, some will absorb more salt than others. It's a versatile kitchen necessity that can also be chilled and used to serve cheese, sushi, and sliced meats.

Adds essential mineral salts

The minerals in the Cuisinart Himalayan Salt Grilling Stone are absorbed by food as it cooks, enriching and enhancing the flavor of grilled vegetables, seafood, beef, and more. Because it's a natural product that's harvested and cut by hand, each stone is unique with the intensity of pink an indication of the mineral content. The Cuisinart Himalayan Salt Grilling Stone is a creative and easy way to enhance the flavor of food. Makes a great gift for any grill chef.

Easy to use and care for

Never place a cool stone on a hot grill or it can crack. Place the Cuisinart Himalayan Salt Grilling Stone on a cool grill and heat them together. Once it's hot the stone will retain it's heat for hours so use caution when handling. When the grilling is over and the stone is cool enough to handle, scrape it clean and wipe with a damp towel--never soak it in water. Like a cast iron pan, the Cuisinart Himalayan Salt Grilling Stone gets better the more that it's used.

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