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Floating Luxuries

Floating Luxuries Kai Deep Water Shelf Lounger Set

Floating Luxuries Kai Deep Water Shelf Lounger Set

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Floating Luxuries Kai Deep Water Shelf Lounger Set keeps you partially in the water. Use in-pool on tanning shelves with deeper than 9 inches of water and a shelf length of at least 72 inches. 

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Built-in Cup Holder
Features a convenient cup holder to keep your beverage within arm's reach.

Ergonomically Engineered for Optimal Comfort
With a true resort width of 26.5in, the Kai Shelf Lounger gives you the space you need to accommodate the full body and resting arms allowing you to enjoy a resort-style luxury experience.

Built-in Phone Holder
The Kai Shelf Lounger features a convenient phone holder to keep your phone close at hand.

Constructed of Durable UV20+ Rated Material
Our Lounger is designed to withstand 20,000+ hours of direct sun.

Easy Set-Up, Easy Cleaning
Fill with water until overflow emerges from side vent holes and the chair settles securely on the shelf. Clean with water, mild soap, and a sponge.

Drain Port in the Chair
Prevents water and dirt collecting in the chair.


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