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Chigger Creek Wood Products

Chigger Creek Sweet 'N Smoky Wood Chunks

Chigger Creek Sweet 'N Smoky Wood Chunks

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Chigger Creek Sweet 'N Smoky Wood Chunks are from a family-owned logging company in the heart of Missouri. If you’re searching for an innovative taste for your barbecue, look no further than Chigger Creek Products! Their “Sweet ‘n Smoky” woods are the best barbecue smoking woods on the market, because they take great care to use all-natural scents with no artificial additives. All of the woods are stored inside a clean, dry facility and processed from freshly cut trees to preserve maximum aroma, which is why they've earned such an incredible reputation for quality smoking wood. 

Size = 300 Cubic Inches per Bag


Sweet 'N Smoky Ozark Apple Chunks

  • Mild smoke flavor
  • Great with pork, fish, chicken and veggies!
  • Great flavor when smoking cheese or other cold smoking foods
  • One of the most popular wood flavors

Sweet 'N Smoky Ozark Hickory Chunks

  • Strong smoke flavor
  • Undoubtedly the most commonly used wood for smoking
  • Great with beef, pork, chicken, turkey and veggies!

Sweet 'N Smoky Whispering Oak

  • Made with white oak/post oak
  • A great all-around smoking wood that produces consistent heat, Mild flavor and is great to blend with fruit woods
  • Great with beef (brisket especially), chicken and pork

Sweet 'N Smoky Wild Cherry Chunks

  • Cherry has become very popular in the BBQ/Smoking world and is regarded as one of the best all-around smoking woods there is.
  • Great with beef, pork, game birds, chicken and fish.

Sweet 'N Smoky Nutty Pecan Chunks

  • Mild flavor – Similar to Hickory with a slightly sweet nutty flavor
  • Great with Beef, pork, chicken, wild game and veggies!

Sweet 'N Smoky Ozark Sugar Maple Chunks

  • Mild, somewhat Sweet ‘N Smoky flavor!
  • Great with Hams, Chicken, Pork and Veggies!

Sweet 'N Smoky Gourmet Peach Chunks

  • Peach, being a sweet wood, accommodates any cut of poultry or pork nicely.

Sweet 'N Smoky Gourmet Mesquite Chunks

  • Mesquite, a Texas favorite, is strong in flavor and frequently used on beef. 

Sweet 'N Smoky Gourmet Pear Chunks



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