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Cast Iron Shrimp Grill Pan

Cast Iron Shrimp Grill Pan

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Cast Iron Shrimp Grill Pan is ideal for use in an oven or on a grill but is also induction ready. Cook each piece of shrimp to perfection with the help of this Outset 13 1/4" x 6 1/4" cast iron shrimp pan! With 22 slots, you can cook up to 22 jumbo shrimp at a time in your commercial kitchen or outdoor grill. Since each shrimp gets its own slot, you can be sure that each piece is perfectly and evenly seasoned, so every bite is as good as the first. The individual shrimp slots allow you the option of either cooking shrimp simply by itself, retaining its natural juices, or to surround the shrimp with flavorful oils or marinades to achieve a desired flavor profile. You can place shrimp in the slots and then drizzle lemon, white wine, and garlic over them, or sprinkle them with Old Bay and a splash of beer. You can even grill the shrimp with a curry spice! The flavor options are as endless as your creativity.

This pan's sturdy cast iron construction is ideal for oven-to-table applications, and thanks to its undeniable durability, it's sure to offer long-lasting use in your commercial kitchen. For cooking shrimp, this pan is best used on a grill or in an oven but is also able to be used on induction surfaces or on a cooktop. This pan also features excellent heat retention and evenly heats your food for excellent results every time. From casual to upscale, this shrimp pan is a great addition to any commercial kitchen or dining area!

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 13 1/4"
Depth: 6 1/4"
Height: 2"

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