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BBQ Chopula - Chopping Sit Up Spatula

BBQ Chopula - Chopping Sit Up Spatula

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BBQ Chopula - Chopping Sit Up Spatula is a flexible stainless-steel spatula that is serrated for cutting, scrapes your BBQ clean, and sits up. BBQ Chopula’s large flexible head easily slides under food for a clean lift or flip, making it perfect for burgers, fish, and steaks.

Prime cuts.
BBQ Chopula’s unique serrated cutting edge lets you slice sausages or steaks directly on the grill to check for doneness.

Chop it like it’s hot.
Extra-long 15” handle design keeps your hand away from heat, while the durable and rust-resistant stainless-steel head is perfect for scraping the grill clean.

Up on your grill.
The clever bend in BBQ Chopula’s handle sits the head up to keep your counters clean and germ-free.

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