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BBQ Brizzle - Scoop Baste Drizzle Brush

BBQ Brizzle - Scoop Baste Drizzle Brush

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BBQ Brizzle - Scoop Baste Drizzle Brush is a silicone basting brush that scoops up sauce and drizzles to baste on or off the grill and sits up with no drips.

Mass distribution.
BBQ Brizzle’s unique scooping head feeds sauces and marinades onto bristles for maximum flavor distribution while grilling.

Beats the heat.
80 super-durable silicone bristles are high heat resistant to 260°C / 500°F, nonabrasive, and won’t trap bacteria, while still providing superior liquid retention.

Flavor saver.
BBQ Brizzle’s deep and flexible scooping head scrapes every last bit of sauce from your bowl, so no baste goes to waste.

Clean as a bristle.
Extra-long handle design keeps your hand away from heat, while its clever bend sits the head up to keep counters clean and germ-free between applications.

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