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BBQ 500

BBQ 500

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Easily turn your pizza oven into a grill with the BBQ 500.

The BBQ 500 turns the Alfa oven into a BBQ grill equipped with enough power and control to cook over the flames or embers up to a temperature of 500°C (930°F).

How BBQ 500 works

  • Rotary steel grill: it allows you to keep an eye on how the cooking is going on by moving the dishes with a simple gesture.
  • Steel baking pan: it is designed for draining off fat during cooking and for holding embers.
  • Stainless steel tongs: they are designed to rotate the grill and baking pans in the oven.

Easy to use accessories for the pizza oven with the BBQ 500

  • Triple cooking – Radiation, convection, conduction to choose the cooking you want, crispy or soft.
  • Fast – Higher temperatures (up to 500°C) to cook in less time.
  • Hottest inside, safest outside – Highest temperatures for cooking. Outside of oven remains cool and easy to work with.
  • No smoke – Your house and your clothes don’t smell at smoke
  • Clean – Clean every part of the oven by switching it on
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