Take and Bake Pizzas Indigo Pool Patio BBQ

Take and Bake Pizzas


Take and Bake Pizzas
Additional toppings if desired

Big Green Egg Equipment
• convEGGtor
• EGGspander (if cooking multiple pizzas at once)
• Pizza & Baking Stone
• Pizza Peel
• Ultimate Pizza Wheel

• Set the EGG for indirect cooking with the convEGGtor and an EGGspander,
using the temperature noted on the pizza package.
• Add the Pizza Stone to the bottom rack of the EGGspander until the stone
is heated. Add a pizza to the stone and cook until the crust is crispy; with a
pizza peel, transfer this pizza to the top rack and cook until the toppings
are melty.
• When you move the first pizza to the top rack, begin again with another
pizza on the stone on the bottom rack. With this process, you will always
have a hot pizza on the way!

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