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Sichuan and Sesame Shellfish Recipe

Nothing beats a shellfish platter, and with the additions of the smoky char of a hot grill and Sichuan spices, this dish is an unbeatable BBQ treat. Feel free to use any shellfish you want just remember that heat is key in this recipe as are good thick grill bars.


Recipe by Neil Rankin


  • 4 scallops in shells
  • 4 large prawns
  • 4 oysters
  • 250g mussels
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 100g whole ginger
  • 5 spring onions
  • 12 hispy cabbage or 1 small white cabbage
  • 300g green beans
  • 1 jar laoganma crispy chilli oil
  • 1 jar sesame seeds black & white


  • laoganma crispy chilli oil
  • 200g brown crabmeat
  • 200g mayonnaise

Equipment Needed:



  1. Grill the scallops, Oysters and prawn in shells and cabbage on an open grill. (Reserve to one side)

  2. Then add the cast iron pan and cook the mussels and green beans with the ginger, garlic and chilli oil.

  3. Make a sauce with the chilli oil, crabmeat and mayonnaise.

  4. Chop the cabbage and add it and everything else back into the pan.

  5. Add sesame seeds and chopped spring onions to finish.

  6. Serve with mayonnaise on the side to dip.
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