Indigo Pool Patio BBQ Named Top 50 Pool Builder in Country

Indigo Pool Patio BBQ Named Top 50 Pool Builder in Country

Pool and Spa News has named local business Indigo Pool Patio BBQ in its top 50 pool builders across the country.

“It was a pretty exciting announcement that we got selected to be in that group because it’s a pretty elite group,” owner Pat Ireland said.

Indigo Pool Patio BBQ ranked 49th and was among five Florida pool builders selected.

Apart from the official top 50 list, PSN also broke down the top 50 into categories including revenue and sales over the last year. Indigo moved up to No. 39 on 2020 total, retail and service revenue.

“Across the country the demand is up for swimming pools,” Ireland said. “I attribute the top 50 really to all of my employees and their hard work and the things they have done to make us a top 50 pool builder.”

Like many other businesses, he said he did not know how the pandemic would affect his business and how things would turn out.

“Come to find out that everybody was going to stay home and everybody wanted a swimming pool, BBQ grills, outdoor kitchens and patio furniture — all of the things in our business,” Ireland said.

Indigo Pool Patio BBQ did well in sales over the last year and maintained its revenue, which PSN noticed.

“Pool construction took off incredibly,” Ireland said about sales after the pandemic hit. “In about three to four weeks after, once everyone kind of settled in, our sales guys couldn’t keep up with the amount of leads.”

He said before the pandemic it was typical to be about three to four weeks out from talking to customers wanting pools, but during the pandemic it turned into three to four months to even make an initial appointment.

“We had a huge amount of growth last year due to the pandemic,” Ireland said.

Ireland’s experience with pools had prepared him for the influx of business the last year. He said he has been in the pool business for around 30 years.

Ireland and his wife, Michelle, opened Indigo in 2008 and focused on building or remodeling pools.

In 2012, they expanded and started selling patio furniture, grills, outdoor kitchens and pizza ovens and providing pool service after pool projects.

He said that over the years they started slowly buying more of the building they are currently in, which allowed them to continue expanding the retail side of the business.

At one point, Indigo Pool Patio BBQ worked in Manatee and Charlotte counties but now, with the bump in business and number of leads coming from Sarasota County alone, Indigo focuses solely on the communities of Venice, Sarasota, North Port and Englewood.

“It’s been a great thing; it’s kind of a turnkey place for people to come,” Ireland said. “They can pick out their pool, pick out their furniture and buy their grill.”

Ireland foresees that the pool business will continue to keep growing and expects to do even better in sales this year than last year.

He also said his goal is to continue to stay on PSN’s top 50 list and climb the rankings.

“We keep trending up, and with more people moving to Florida, especially Sarasota County … it seems like it’s going to be a strong future here for our business,” Ireland said.

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