Bear Paws BBQ Professional Grizzly Edition Bear Paws Indigo Pool Patio BBQ

Bear Paws BBQ Professional Grizzly Edition

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Bear Paws are widely recognized by Pitmasters and World Champions as the best tool for pulled pork and passed the rigorous tests to become recommended by America’s Test Kitchen.

Trademarked and patented Bear Paws work to pull the pork to the exact consistency you desire to deliver a visually appealing product that releases the great pork flavor like nothing else.

FDA approved (US Gov Agency), proprietary nylon material that is harder, denser, stronger, tougher, more heat- resistant and will stay sharper in use!

Named the “Grizzly”, it comes in a sleek black color with “Bear Paws” engraved on the handle to serve as a strong grip surface.

They also work for all types of kitchen uses including handling turkeys, hams, roasts, large fruit and vegetables, and for tossing salads and pastas. They are a necessity in every kitchen as an extra set of hands for unique uses.


  • 1 Pair per pack
  • Natural Grip, stay cool Handles
  • Pull Shred, Pork Transfer Meat lift brisket
  • Holds hot Turkey, Ham or Fruit whilst carving
  • FDA Approved (USA)
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Nylon Material
  • Heat Resistant to 475F or 246C